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Vision of the book

This book has been a culmination of long-time vision, some key leadership, and a confluence of industry events. Almost fifteen years ago, the author gained a passion for helping developers succeed, for making the complex simple, and for finding rules of thumb that would work for 80% of situations. With too many options in the software world and too many answers of “it depends”, the industry has been starved for the ability to do something “by the book.” This book seeks to provide that text where a .Net developer can say “I’m doing DevOps with .Net and Azure by the book.” In this manner, one would know what models and patterns were in play and what to expect from said environment. This book is being released while .Net Core 3 is in preview status; therefore, the version of the book should be considered preview as well. The examples largely use Visual Studio 2019 preview edition. The code itself and the Azure DevOps Services pipeline functions perfectly well with .Net Core 2.2, however, and can be used to implement applications immediately. It is the intent of the author to release a .Net Core 3 edition aligning with Microsoft’s release schedule. The example configuration used throughout this book can be leveraged through a public project and source code repository online at https://dev.azure.com/clearmeasurelabs/Onion-DevOps-Architecture.

About the author

Jeffrey Palermo is the Chief Architect and CEO of Clear Measure, Inc., a DevOps-centered software engineering company focusing on cloud and Microsoft platforms. A Microsoft MVP since 2006, Jeffrey's vision for every .NET developer is to be able to move fast, change their software on a dime, and run it well.

How to contribute

The MS Word version of each chapter is available via git. If you'd like to contribute, please either contribute via discussions using GitHub Issues or send a pull request. For now, the manuscript is in MS Word. I haven't had luch laying out the features of the MS Word template using Markdown. The git repository is here https://github.com/jeffreypalermo/.NET-DevOps-for-Azure

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