Animal Crossing Digital Calendar

License: MIT

Please note: until the dates of more events are known for Animal Crossing: New Horizons, many events are based on AC:NL - this will be updated as more is known

This includes but isn't limited to:

  • the birthdays of every villager ever with a known birthday
  • seasonal change dates
  • celebrated solstices
  • fishing tourneys
  • bug-offs
  • festivals
  • toy day celebrations

The birthday events are by far the most numerous, and each one has an attachment with the villager's picture as well as a link to their entry on for more information.

In addition, each event has a similar link to be able to read up further.

Note that not every Animal Crossing event is marked in the calendar, as not all of them have predictable dates.

Using the Calendar

This has been created as a Google Calendar - if you use a Google account you can subscribe to it directly, or if you use another calendar app you can add the iCalendar link instead.

Detailed Instructions on How to Add It

All data for event dates, scheduling, and birthdays has been sourced from If something is incorrect or missing, open an issue or send me an email.

A Couple Examples

The calendar is rich with villager birthdays:

A screenshot of Bluebear's birthday on June 24th

Note the attachment, Bluebear.png - there's one on every birthday so even if you don't recognize the villager by name, you can quickly see if you know them by appearance!

A screenshot of a Fishing Tourney event

This is an AC:NL fishing tourney date - it's very likely to be different in AC:NH!

A screenshot of a Fireworks Show, which in AC:NL occurred every sunday in August

Some events are impossible to set up through a normal calendar app and had to be set up through the API - not super interesting, but something I'm proud of. Google Calendar doesn't support having an event repeat every <day> of a single month every year.

All events are set up in such a way that the calendar will continue to be correct for years to come.

If it interests you, this repository also contains the tool I wrote to set up all the hundreds of birthdays.

Ac Calendar

A calendar of Animal Crossing events and birthdays.

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