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Acer Aspire A515-51G i5-8250U/8GB/MX130 - my daily driver

is what I picked instead of 12" MacBook

But why you may ask, well - here are some benchmarks:


Full spec:

  • CPU : Intel Core i5-8250U (base 1.6GHz, boost 3.6GHz, syntetic load stable 2.4GHz, cinebench 1200pts)
  • RAM : 4GB DDR4 unknown soldered onto the motherboard, 4GB DDR4 Goodram 2400MHz
  • GPU : Intel UHD Graphics 620 1536MB / 2048MB (only use 2048 when using more than 1920x1080 screen [enabled in my config])
  • dGPU: NVidia MX130 2048mb (disabled using DSDT patches)
  • SSD : 120GB KINGSTON SA400S37
  • HDD : Western Digital Blue 01984 1TB
  • AUD: : ALC 255 layout-id: 31 / layout-id: 3 (try both and decide which one is more stable for your setup)
  • WIFI : BCM94352z dualband (2,4 + 5) wi-fi

Hardware used:

alt text

ā›”ļø what is not working:

  1. Wi-Fi card (You will need to replace it to the oe that's compatibile - DW1560 will do.)
  2. OOB combojack (FIX AVAILABLE) Note: If you want to use combojack and only internal mic - use layout 3. If you want to use headset use layout 31. Layout 31 is yet not well supported and undefined behaviours occur (because combojack is designed for layout 71)

    ā›”ļø WARNINGS:

  • Remove kexts + kext patches asociated with BCM94352Z(DW1560) if you do not have installed one
  • Be aware of fake BCM94352z cards for under $25. Real cards are not cheap. Look for legit cards. Use aliexpress / chinese portals as a last resort.
  • Default Wifi card DOES NOT work under MacOS and will never do. Bluetooth might work - but it's power managament is not supported, so you are stuck with always on BT.


    This guide is ONLY for Mojave 10.14.* It might not work on Catalina or High Sierra.

There are many tutorials on how to install OSX on a PC class hardware. However using my Clover you can simply install OS 10.14 or newer on Acer Aspire A515. Make sure to connect USB keyboard and mouse as the I2C bus and PS2 is NOTsupported (yet) during instalation.

Post installation

First things first, if you are using an SSD make sure to enable the TRIM support:

$ sudo trimforce enable

After installing clover rebuild kext caches and kernel cache then

reboot and enjoy!


Clover EFI Bootloader




Disable MX130

Acer Aspire A515 Hackintosh

Clover bootloader configuration files

Acer Aspire A515 Hackintosh Info

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