Show ACF group field variables.

Finally being able to copy all ACF field group variables is here!!!

Now Supports ACF PRO!

This plugin was build for the fantastic Advanced Custom Fields plugin created by Elliot Condon, and was made so that referencing custom fields is easier. This plugin was made to make life easy for developers who uses Advanced custom fields.

You are now able to get a complete list of fields that you have created so you can simply copy and paste into your theme template.

This plugin keeps you from having to keep switching back-and-forth screens in order to copy-and-paste field names to your file. whew!

I hope that you enjoy this plugin.

Demo video:

Screenshot of ACF fields vars names

Screenshot of ACF fields vars names as keys

Screenshot of ACF fields vars with Examples

Acf Php Vars

Show and Copy ACF group field variables to add to your theme code.

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