ActivityPub JSON Schema

an inofficial proposal (JSON Schema, draft 07)


Work in Progress


Any implementor of ActivityPub wants to validate incoming data or build forms for any ActivityPub type.
JSON Schema is a language independent way to describe, document and validate the Specification.

/ActivityPub.json is the JSON Schema you start with …
All the other schemas are in /type/

How do I use this package?

With any software consuming JSON Schema draft 07 …
A Node.js script to validate all the examples from activitystreams-vocabulary is included:

  • cd to the project root
  • npm i
  • npm test

How do I contribute?

Fork, edit, pull ... Raise issues ...

NOTE There are blocking issues that need to be resolved before we can go on:

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An inofficial proposal for ActivityPub - JSON Schemas (draft 07)

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