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Adlibre DMS is a web based media and Document Management System (DMS / EDMS). It liberates you from hard-copy paper systems by creating a digital vault for your documents that can be accessed from anywhere. The core philosophy is that your documents are secure, yet accessible from wherever they are required. With Adlibre DMS you can make your documents universally available within your business and across all your applications and systems.

It is the perfect system for archiving and transaction oriented document workflows.

And because it has a flexible architecture it is ideal for government and enterprise users, or smaller businesses looking for a document management platform to build on.

Adlibre DMS is also 100% commercially supported Open Source.

Key Features

  • Web services API (REST) for all core functionality - easily integrated with 3rd party applications
  • Extensible plugin architecture - easily add new features via plugins
  • Cross Platform - mobile device ready
  • Scalable - designed to store 100's of millions of documents
  • Unlimited document indexes and meta-data.

Technical Features

  • Built with Python & Django
  • CouchDB meta-data backend
  • Very minimal hardware requirements.


Adlibre DMS is built in modular fashion and comprises the following components:

  • API
  • Plugin Manager
  • Metadata Template UI (MUI) - configuration driven indexing and retrieval interface
  • Admin UI - decoupled jQuery / Json graphical UI for administrative functions
  • Browser - provides wholistic interface for all components


The source code here on master is fast moving and evolving quickly. If you are deploying in a production environment then we recommend forking and stabilising the codebase to your requirements, or purchasing a support agreement from Adlibre.

The code here can be considered the "community" version of Adlibre DMS.

Commercial Support

Adlibre DMS is developed and commercially supported by Adlibre Pty Ltd.

More information is available from Adlibre DMS website.

Adlibre Dms

Cloud Document management system (DMS). Designed for scale, extensibility and integration. Build with Python & Django.

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