An addon/plugin package to provide driver-based job queueing services in AdonisJS 4.0+

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Getting Started

    adonis install adonisjs-queue


Add a job file to the jobs folder using the command. The command below creates the file app/Jobs/SendEmail.js. The queue flag in the command is for setting the queue priority channel. The queue flag has only 2 possible values: high and low

    $ adonis make:job SendEmail

    $ adonis make:job SendEmail --queue=low


    $ node ace make:job SendEmail

Installation Instructions

See the file for the complete installation steps and follow as stated.

Writing A Job

/** @type {typeof import('adonisjs-queue/src/Job')} */
const Job = use('Job')

/** @type {typeof import('@adonisjs/mail/src/Mail')} */
const Mail = use('Mail')

class SendEmail extends Job {

    get queue(){
        return 'low'

    constructor(emailAddress, emailFrom, emailSubject, emailBody) {

        this.timeOut = 100; // seconds
        this.retryCount = 0;
        this.retryUntil = 200; // seconds
        this.delayUntil = Date.parse('2038-01-19T03:14:08.000Z') // optional, omit this line if not required

    async handle(link, done) {
        console.log(`Job [${}] - handler called: status=running; id=${} `)

        await link.reportProgress(10)

        let _data = // arguments passed into the constructor
        let error = null
        let result = null

            result = await Mail.send(_data.emailBody, {gender:'F', fullname:"Aisha Salihu"}, (message) => {
            await link.reportProgress(50)
            error = err
            result = undefined
            await link.reportProgress(50)
            await link.reportProgress(100)

        return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
            error === null ? resolve(result) : reject(error)

    progress(progress) {

        console.log(`Job [${}] - progress:${progress}%: status=running; id=${} `)

    failed(error) {

        console.log(`Job [${}] - status:failed; id=${} `, error.message)

        this.detach() // remove the job from the queue (when the job fails after all retries)


        console.log(`Job [${}] - status:retrying; id=${} `, error.message)


        console.log(`Job [${}] - status:succeeded; id=${} `, result)

module.exports = SendEmail

Open the start/events.js file of an AdonisJS Framework installation and add the following code to it (This package encourages the use of the standard event bus for AdonisJS)

'use strict'

/** @type {typeof import('@adonisjs/framework/src/Event')} */
const Event = use('Event')

/** @type {typeof import('adonisjs-queue/src/Queue')} */
const Queue = use('Queue')

const SendEmail = use('App/Jobs/SendEmail')

Event.on('user_registered', async ( _email ) => {
    // dispatch to the "high" priority queue

    await'high').andDispatch(new SendEmail(
        '[email protected]',
        'YOU ARE WELCOME',
        'emails.template_1' // AdonisJS view template file: "resources/views/emails/template_1.edge"

    // implicitly calls select('high')
    await Queue.dispatch(new SendEmail(
        '[email protected]',
        'NEXT STEPS',
        'emails.template_2' // AdonisJS view template file: "resources/views/emails/template_2.edge"

Then, go to the start/routes.js file of an AdonisJS Framework installation and add the following code to it

/** @type {typeof import('@adonisjs/framework/src/Route/Manager')} */
const Route = use('Route')'user/register/:type', ({ request, params: { type }, respopnse }) => {
    const body ='user_registered', '[email protected]') // Invoke the 'SendEmail' Job (to send an email) via the Event Bus

    if (request.format() === 'json') {
          return response.status(200).json({
        return response.send('success')

Possible Gocthas

If the select() method is explicitly called before a (chained) call andDispatch() OR dispatch() is made on the Queue object, the queue getter value on a job instance (job.queue) is automatically overridden by the value passed to the select method like so select('low'). So, be well aware of how calling select explicitly affects things.


You can also access the queue instance via the AdonisJS Http Context in a controller/middleware

'use strict'

const SendEmail = use('App/Jobs/SendEmail')

class WorksController {

    async sendEmail({ request, queue, session }){

        let tenant_id = session.get('tenant_id')

        let { email } = request.only([

        await queue.dispatch(new SendEmail( // dispatch to the "low" priority queue
            '[email protected]',
            'YOU ARE WELCOME',
            'emails.template' // AdonisJS view template file in "resources/views"

module.exports = WorksController



Running Tests

    npm i

    npm run lint

    npm run test



See the file for info


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Adonis Queue

An addon/plugin package to provide driver-based job queueing services in AdonisJS 4.0+

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