Aeroten Theme for Linux

A pixel-perfect copy of Windows 10's flat Metro / Fluent Design theme for Linux.


Currently includes the "Steel Blue" accent colour theme from Windows 10 for window borders and buttons.


Releases can be found in the release section online.

To manually build and install the metacity .xml file from the templating source file which uses Pug, you will need yarn and make installed.

  1. Clone the repository to your drive
  2. Run make dep to install the node modules
  3. Run make install to install the theme

And to uninstall, simply run make uninstall to uninstall the theme


  • Port to KDE5
  • Add more Gtk+ customizations (e.g. Chromium Gtk+ decorations support)
  • Include a customizable program or installer that allows users to choose their accent colours, including light or dark theme detection to allow a dynamic change in text colour for legibility.

Aeroten Theme

A "fluent" Windows 10 theme for Linux (GTK+)

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