Fish Agnoster theme

Fancy, colorful theme with support for Powerline fonts.


With Fisher

fisher install hauleth/agnoster

With Fundle add:

fundle plugin hauleth/agnoster

to your and run fundle install.

Yeah, really. That's it. Be happy with your fancy new theme.


To choose theme run agnoster <theme>.

Available themes:

  • default

    default theme

  • powerline

    powerline theme

Custom theme

You can create your own theme by setting these variables

# Segment endings
# AGNOSTER_SEGMENT_SEPARATOR[1] is separator of segment
# AGNOSTER_SEGMENT_SEPARATOR[2] is separator of subsegment
set -U AGNOSTER_SEGMENT_SEPARATOR '' \u2502 # unicode box drawings light vertical (│)

# Icons
set -U AGNOSTER_ICON_ERROR \u2717 # unicode ballot X (✗)
set -U AGNOSTER_ICON_ROOT \u26a1 # unicode high voltage sign (⚡)
set -U AGNOSTER_ICON_BGJOBS \u2699 # unicode gear (⚙)
set -U AGNOSTER_ICON_GIT_BRANCH \u2387 # unicode alternative key symbol (⎇)
set -U AGNOSTER_ICON_GIT_REF \u27a6 # unicode heavy black curved upwards and rightwards arrow (➦)


Agnoster is MIT licensed. See LICENSE file for details.


Agnoster for Fish :tropical_fish:

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