This repository and companion tutorial have been retired. No further updates will be made. See the note on the tutorial for more information.


This is the companion repository for the tutorial:

How to Create a Blog with the Airtable API & Next.js.


You’ll need an Airtable account with an API key. The sample code is matched to a table structured like so:

Screenshot of Table in Airtable


  1. Clone this repository and run:
npm install
  1. Then create a .env file and add your Airtable API key and Base ID to it like so:


  1. First start the Redis server with:
  1. Then Start Next with:
npm run dev

Now go to http://localhost:3000 and you should see your Airtable data. If you run into trouble, have any questions, etc. feel free to file an issue.

Airtable NextJS Blog

A quick look at how to pull data from Airtable onto your site with Next.js and Express.

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