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Build awesome .NET applications that supports more than 69+ languages with just a few lines of code, in addition to an easy translation tool that helps you translate all your content to any language you want with just one click Could be used for all type of .NET Apps (Blazor, UWP, Xamarin, Windows, ASP.NET Core MVC, Razor Pages ....) https://akmultilanguages.azurewebsites.net Build with Love by Ahmad Mozaffar http://ahmadmozaffar.net

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Simple UI supports German

Blazor UI with Japanease

UWP Support in Version 5.0.0

Special thanks for the contributor Michael Gerfen for updating the library to add support to the UWP. This version contains a major update that adds support for a new package under the name AKSoftware.Localization.MultiLangauges.UWP you can install it from Nuget with the following command

Install-Package AKSoftware.Localization.MultiLangauges.UWP

What's new in Version 5.0.0

In the latest version of the library because right it started to support UWP and not only Blazor a new interface and abstract type has been introduced that allows you to easily create a keys provider to fetch your keys not only from the embedded resources, also from any source you would like (External folder, FTP, Azure Blob Storage ...etc) By default there is the EmbeddedResourceKeysProvider to fetch the files from the resources and you can create your own by inhereting from the interface IKeysProvider More about the implementation in the Wiki soon

Getting Started

For Nuget Package Manager install the package (Nuget Package Manager Console)

Install-Package AKSoftware.Localization.MultiLanguages 

(Using dotNet CLI)

dotnet add package AKSoftware.Localization.MultiLanuages

For Blazor additional package is required that helps managing the state of the component when changing the language (Nuget Package Manager Console)

Install-Package AKSoftware.Localization.MultiLanguages.Blazor 

(Using dotNet CLI)

dotnet add package AKSoftware.Localization.MultiLanuages.Blazor

Create the Resources Folder

Inside your project create a folder called "Resources" and inside it create a file called "en-US.yml" which is a YAML file then set your keywords inside the file like this

    HelloWorld: Hello World
    Welcome: Welcome

We chose YAML files because it's very light comparing it to XML or JSON and make the output dll very small, in addition to that it's much way faster in serialization and deserialization

Set the build action of the file to EmbeddedResource

Select the file in the Solution Explorer window and from the properties window set the build action property to "Embeded Resources"

Translate the file

Visit the online translation tool on the following link https://akmultilanguages.azurewebsites.net

Go to translate app page

Upload your YAML file and click submit All the languages will be available with just one click - install all the languages you want to support in your application

Import the files to the Resources folder

Import the files to the resources folder you have just created and set the build action property for them as Embedded Resources also

Coding time

Blazor Demo:

Go to program.cs and register the Language Container Service in the Dependency Injection container Import the library

    using AKSoftware.Localization.MultiLanguages

Register the service

    // Specify the assembly that has the langauges files, in this situation it's the current assembly 
    // You can specify the default culture of the project like this 
    // builder.Services.AddLanguageContainer(Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly(), CultureInfo.GetCultureInfo("fr-Fr"));

Note: If you don't specify a default culture the library will try to find the file that matches the culture of the current user, if it's not existing it will try to find any file that matches the same language, then if it's not there it will try to find the English file then the first file in the folder, otherwise it will throw an exception

Start dealing with components

In the _imports.razor file make sure to add the following namespaces

using AKSoftware.Localization.MultiLanguages
using AKSoftware.Localization.MultiLanguages.Blazor

With in your components that you want to localize inject the service

    @inject ILanguageContainerService  languageContainer

And start getting the values from your files just like this


And to be able to get the state updated for each component that contains localized text call the extension method in the OnInitialized or OnInitializedAsync overriden methods for each component as following

protected override void OnInitialized()
      // This will make the current component gets updated whenever you change the language of the application 

Change the language from the UI

You are able to change the language and choose any language you have added from the UI like this Inject the service in the component

        @inject ILanguageContainerService  languageContainer

Add a button and set the @onclick method

    <button   @onclick="SetFrench">French</button>
        void SetFrench()

Interpolation Feature

Starting from version 4.0 now there is the ability to create dynamic values to replace their values at runtime using Interpolation feature: Following you can see how to use this feature

Language File en-US:

Welcome: Welcome {username} to our system {version}

In C# to replace the value of username and version parameters at runtime you can use the new indexer that allows to pass an object for with these values as following:

_language["Welcome", new 
    Username = "aksoftware98",
    Version = "v4.0"

Check the Sample Folder

Check the sample project here to see how to develop a full Blazor WebAssembly project with storing the last selected language with more than 8 languages available for one UI: Full Blazor WASM Sample

Thanks for the awesome contributors


AKSoftware.Localization.MultiLanguages is a package for .NET developers allows them to easily build apps target multiple languages with just few lines of code

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