This is a demo project to showcase running microservices on Alibaba Cloud.

This demo is powered by the following projects and products:

  • Apache Dubbo for Remote Procedure Call
  • Spring Cloud Alibaba for Service to Service Call
  • Nacos for Service Discovery and Configuration management
  • Alibaba Cloud EDAS for deployment and hosting
  • Alibaba Cloud ARMS for monitoring
  • Alibaba Cloud SAE for deployment and hosting without being aware of the underlying infrastrcuture.

Live Demo

You can visit for an live demo, which is hosted on Alibaba Cloud SAE.


This project contains the following applications (more applications are ong the way):

  • frontend: A Java application with SpringMVC and thymeleaf as template engine.
  • cartservices: A Java application that provides basic operations to add products to shopping carts, which is powered by Apache Dubbo.
  • productservice: A Java application that provies basic operations to list all the products and query product by ID, which is powered by Spring Cloud Alibaba.


Build docker image using docker-compose

You can use docker-compose to build docker images:

docker-compose build

Build docker image using scripts

You need to go to the src directory, for each sub module, there is a file, just run it to build the docker image for each module.



Deploy with docker-compose

This project can be deployed to docker with the following command

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml up

If you want to undeploy, use the following command

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml down

Deploy to Kubernetes cluster

This project can be deployed to Kubernetes cluster with the following command:

cd kubernetes-manifests/
for i in *.yaml; do kubectl apply -f $i; done

If you want to delete the deployment, please use the following command:

for i in *.yaml; do kubectl delete -f $i; done

Deploy with helm

This project can be deployed to Kubernetes cluster with helm chart:

helm install ./helm-chart  --name  microservice-demo

If you want to delete the deployment with helm, use the following command:

helm delete microservice-demo


If you are a collaborator, please read the Collaborator to prepare for development.


This project is originiated from GoogleCloudPlatform/microservice-demo

Alibabacloud Microservice Demo

An Alibaba Cloud native microservice demo powered by Apache Dubbo and Spring Cloud Alibaba

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