Anaconda VirtualBox DOWNLOAD - VIDEO

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Desktop AnacondaNavigator JupyterChromium JupyterHelloWorld Spyder

  • Minimal Lubuntu Bionic 18.04.3 (lubuntu-core package)
  • Linux Kernel 5 HWE (Hardware Enablement)
  • VirtualBox Guest Additions (bidirectional clipboard between host and guest, shared folders capable, Seamless Mode...)
  • Anaconda 3 distribution with tons of data science and big data libraries
  • With Conda (package manager) you can add more software
  • Anaconda Navigator allows you to launch apps easily and install new ones
  • Python 3
  • R
  • IPython
  • Spyder IDE
  • Jupyter notebook server
  • Chromium browser
  • Added Anaconda to .bashrc: export PATH="/home/lubuntu/anaconda3/bin:$PATH"
  • User and pass of system is the same: lubuntu
  • Import OVA on VirtualBox using "File -> Import Appliance (or Control + I)"

Extra! dedicated to @itsergiu. If you want an Auto-Keras machine you can get it here: DOWNLOAD AUTO-KERAS

Dedicated to @PaulAirs: Simplified keyboard layout selection (added to bottom right text: ES,US...)


Anaconda Virtualbox

Anaconda Python 3 and R Distribution inside a virtual machine. Has an Auto-Keras special edition. VirtualBox OVA files less than 1800 MB

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