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Android Malware Detection using Support Vector Machine Classifier


  • androguard - Reverse Engineering tool for android applications
  • sklearn - Machine Learning library for python
  • mongodb - A No-SQL database
  • pymongo - Python driver for MongoDB


  1. Navigate to 'files' folder and place malware and benign apps into their respective folder.
  2. Run 'python' to save all the features extracted from all apks.
  3. Run '' to get data from mongodb and save it to a csv file.
  4. Once the 'data.csv' file is created, Run 'python ' to perform feature selection, this will create two files namely 'final_data.csv' with optimal features and 'final_selected_features.txt' which contains the selected features along with their value.
  5. Run 'python <train_test/k-fold>' to train the model, a dump of the trained model is created.
  6. Finally run 'python ' to perform the classification of that given apk.

Happy Coding.

Android Malware Detector

A machine learning based Android malware detection model.

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