Android Wallet TokenERC20

This gives a detailed description of working with Web3j library

The basis of the library is its own SDK, which simplifies the production of applications for Android devices.

Possibility of sdkew module:

  • Wallet Generation
    1. Bip44 (Seed Code)
    2. Default (Стандартным способом web3j)
  • ol Obtaining credential
    1. From file wallet (Json)
    2. Seed Phrase
    3. Private Key
  • Sending
    1. Ethers
  • Get Balance
    1. in Wei
    2. in Ether
  • QR
    1. Scan (with Zxing)
    2. Generation (with ZXing Android Embedded)
  • Indenticon
  • Work with the smart contract ERC20
    1. get Name Token
    2. get Symbol Token
    3. get Supply Token
    4. get Balance
    5. and other
  • EtherScan

Getting started

Download or clone a project and open it in your Android Studio

Help in developing

I’m writing a description of how to work with the web3j library on my blog and Wiki, there will also be a description of working with the module and with the Ethereum network.

All questions and suggestions can be left in the Telegram group.


I would be grateful for feedback on errors, shortcomings.

Projects using this repo


If you have ideas or interesting projects in which I can participate, do not hesitate to share them with me.


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Android Wallet Token Erc20

Android Wallet (Token ERC20)

Android Wallet Token Erc20 Info

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