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angel-PS1 is your guardian angel for the Unix world.

The implementation is a daemon, a background process, that will service your shell every time it needs to display the prompt.

This is a daemon, but not a nasty demon. So it is an angel. Like a guardian angel, attached to the shell and who gives him precious information about the world around that you can't see. You'll not see him, but he is there. Always around, but always discreet.

There is absolutely no relation between this project and AngelCode / AngelScript.

Build status

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Basic usage

Download and install

chmod u+x angel-PS1

That's it! Easy, isn't it?


Try this in your Unix/Linux shell to get a fancy prompt with the default settings:


eval `./angel-PS1`


eval (./angel-PS1)

Note: this project is still very young. Use at your own risks in ~/.bashrc/.zshrc/.tcshrc...

You can also try other example themes from the repository:

git clone
cd angel-PS1
eval $(./angel-PS1 -c examples/Powerline-basic.PS1)


perldoc ./angel-PS1

Sorry, the documentation is quite light at the moment.

Supported shells

First class

  • bash
  • mksh
  • dash
  • ksh93
  • zsh
  • fish


  • tcsh: see issue #1 (major issue)
  • csh:
    • on Darwin (OS X), shell detection doesn't work unless the shell is started as a login shell (csh -l)


Angel's Prompt is not just another new fancy prompt for your Unix shell. This is also:

  • A powerful, but still fast, prompt. Thanks an original architecture, you are not limited anymore by the speed of your shell and the cost of forking processes.
  • Not just my prompt, but your prompt. You can configure your own look using plugins.
  • A prompt written in Perl. Perl is the powerful companion to your sysadmin tasks, but also an expressive general programming language that has access the C Unix API. Perl is available on every Unix-like operating system, and usually installed among core packages.
  • A prompt building framework. The API will help you to easily build your own prompt using plugins, and to build plugins that you'll share with others. With a powerful engine that allows you to easily specify colors and to transparently escape shell special characters.
  • CPAN power. Thanks to Perl and its community, you have access to the thousands of Perl modules on the CPAN to efficiently and/or portably retrieve information that you will show in the prompt.
  • Write once, run anywhere. Write your prompt configuration once, and use it in any shell supported by angel-PS1. And angel-PS1 is a single file, easy to move from machine to machine and run with any Perl, from 5.8.3 to 5.18+. As your prompt definition is also written in Perl, it has the same portability.


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Copyright 2013-2018 Olivier Menguรฉ.

angel-PS1 itself is distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3 or later. See COPYING for details.

angel-PS1 plugins must be distributed under the Artistic License 2.0. This basically allows to reuse the code of plugins either to improve the angel-PS1 core or for any other usage in Perl programs, not just angel-PS1.

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