AngularJS directive for auto-grow / auto-resize of textarea elements on typing.

  • Works in all cases: expands on line breaks and word breaks.
  • Great Performance: minimal DOM manipulation and no watchers.
  • Allows limitation of auto-growing so a scrollbar will appear after X lines of content.

Installation via NPM

npm install angularjs-autogrow --save


Include angular-autogrow.min.js file in <head> section of the HTML:

<script type="text/javascript" src="angularjs-autogrow.min.js"></script>

Include angularjs-autogrow dependency in your angular module:

var app = angular.module("app", ["angularjs-autogrow"]);

It's also recommended to add those two CSS properties to make things stable:

textarea {
    resize: none;
    box-sizing: content-box;

Add the directive to the textarea element:

<textarea autogrow></textarea>

More Options:

Limit Autogrow Lines

You can limit the auto-growing of the textarea element by using max-lines attribute:

<textarea autogrow max-lines="3"></textarea>

Set Initial Rows

You can set the initial line number using rows attribute:

<textarea autogrow rows="1"></textarea>

Autogrow on css properties change

You can define which CSS properties have to be watched in order to trigger the auto-growing:

<textarea autogrow="font-family,font-size"></textarea>

AngularJS Autogrow

AngularJS 1.x directive for auto-grow / auto-resize of textarea elements.

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