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Ansible Collection: containers.podman

This repo hosts the containers.podman Ansible Collection.

The collection includes the Podman container plugins to help the build and management of Podman containers.

Installation and Usage

Installing the Collection from Ansible Galaxy

Before using the Podman collection, you need to install the collection with the ansible-galaxy CLI:

ansible-galaxy collection install containers.podman

You can also include it in a requirements.yml file and install it via ansible-galaxy collection install -r requirements.yml using the format:

- name: containers.podman

or clone by your own:

mkdir -p ~/.ansible/collections/ansible_collections/containers
git clone ~/.ansible/collections/ansible_collections/containers/podman


To use a module from Podman collection, please reference the full namespace, collection name, and modules name that you want to use:

- name: Using Podman collection
  hosts: localhost
    - name: Run redis container
        name: myredis
        image: redis
        command: redis-server --appendonly yes
        state: present
        recreate: yes
          - 6379
          - mydata

Or you can add full namespace and collection name in the collections element:

- name: Using Podman collection
  hosts: localhost
    - containers.podman
    - name: Build and push an image using existing credentials
        name: nginx
        path: /path/to/build/dir
        push: yes


We are accepting Github pull requests and issues. There are many ways in which you can participate in the project, for example:

  • Submit bugs and feature requests, and help us verify them
  • Submit and review source code changes in Github pull requests
  • Add new modules for Podman containers and images

Testing and Development

If you want to develop new content for this collection or improve what is already here, the easiest way to work on the collection is to clone it into one of the configured COLLECTIONS_PATHS, and work on it there.

Testing with ansible-test

We use ansible-test for sanity.

More Information



Please submit Github issues for communication any issues. You can ask Podman related questions on #podman channel of Ansible Podman questions on #ansible-podman channel on Freenode IRC.



Ansible Podman Collections

Repository for Ansible content that can include playbooks, roles, modules, and plugins for use with the Podman tool

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