Autocomplete for React Native and css-in-js for Atom and VS Code

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Now get Autocomplete for CSSinJS libraries using object styles. Sponsor


apm install css-in-js

Or go to Settings → Install and search for css-in-js


const btnA = css({ /* styles */ });
const btnB = glamorous.div({ /* styles */ });
const btnC = StyleSheet.create({ /* styles */ });

Only works for these keywords by default you can edit in settings for more.

glamorous | css | StyleSheet.create



Does not work for general objects

let styles = {
  /* styles */

This is basically a fork of autocomplete-css

CSS in JS for VS Code

Provides CSS in JS autocompletion and converts kebab-case CSS to camelCase CSS and vice versa

  • Provides autocompletion options for CSS styles as a style object for use in CSS in JS (like glamorous!)
  • Converts CSS between regular CSS syntax (strings) and CSS-in-JS syntax (style objects)



Convert CSS in JS


How to Use CSS Conversion

Select some block of text in a javascript or typescript file and use cmd+shift+p to bring up the command palette, then select Convert CSS-in-JS.

Or use the keyboard shortcut cmd+shift+j (ctrl+shift+j on Windows).

Coming Soon

Codemods for easy shifting between css-in-js libraries


Autocomplete React Native / JS Styles and converting plain CSS to JS styles

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