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This series of demos accompanies the e-book "Anton's OpenGL 4 Tutorials":

Anton Gerdelan email: antonofnote AT gmail


See "LICENCE.txt" for licence information.

Each chapter with major demonstration code has a corresponding demo here. There is also an example of code for Hello Triangle for OpenGL 2.1 for reference.

Each demo has easy-to-read Makefiles for Linux, MacOS, and Windows. You may need to download newer versions of the libraries in the common/ folder.

This code is some years old now and builds may fall out of date. I try to maintain this so that it functions but be aware that Makefiles and build details may differ slightly from book text for this reason. If you have a tidy CMake setup or updated build feel free to submit a pull request here.


The libraries depended on reside in the common/ folder

  • common/include - Header files.
  • common/linux_i386 - 32-bit GNU/Linux libraries.
  • common/linux_x86_64 - 64-bit GNU/Linux libraries.
  • common/osx_64 - 64-bit Apple macOS libraries.
  • common/win32 - 32-bit Windows GCC (MinGW) libraries.
  • common/win64_gcc - 64-bit Windows GCC (MinGW-w64) libraries.


  • Install a C and C++ compiler - usually by installing a "build-essential" bundle package via the package manager on your distribution:
sudo apt-get install build-essential
  • Install the GLFW3 and FreeType libraries:
sudo apt-get install libglfw3-dev
sudo apt-get install libfreetype6-dev
  • Open a terminal and cd to the demo of choice, then

64-bit systems:

make -f Makefile.linux64

32-bit systems:

make -f Makefile.linux32

Apple macOS

  • Install Clang or GNU compiler and tools - usually by installing Apple XCode through the App Store. It's free.
  • Open a terminal and cd to the demo of choice:
make -f Makefile.osx

Windows with GCC

  • Install the GNU Compiler Collection - usually by installing MinGW (32-bit or the 64-bit alternative). I suggest the minimal MinGW GCC distro at
  • Open a console and cd to the demo of choice.
  • make -f Makefile.win32 (MinGW may have renamed make.exe to mingw-make32.exe or similar).
  • Copy the .dll files from the main folder to the demo folder
  • Or make -f Makefile.win64 for the 64-bit build.

If you have trouble linking supporting libraries you may need to recompile GLFW, GLEW, AssImp, and Freetype. It's a good idea to do this anyway to stay up to date.

Windows with Visual Studio

The original Visual Studio solution has gone out of date now, so I removed it. I have instead recorded a 2020 video stream tutorial where I show how to get Visual Studio set up and start programming OpenGL, including downloading and setting up libraries.

Tutorial: Intro to 3D Graphics Programming with OpenGL 4 (with Anton). Stream Recording.

This includes a very verbose set-up of Visual Studio 2019 with helper libraries.


  • Code is directly copy-pasted from book sections. This means that there will be redundant OpenGL calls to bind things etc., but I think it's easier to follow along like this.
  • Code explained in prior examples is moved to a file called gl_utils.cpp to avoid cluttering main.cpp. This means that gl_utils.cpp is not necessarily the same in each demo, but is built up gradually.


Special thanks to all the readers over the years that have submitted additions, bug reports, fixes, and feedback. If you have submitted a correction and don't mind having your name/@ printed here please let me know (or if you'd like to change these details).



Anton's OpenGL 4 Tutorials book - Demo Code

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