Note that these APIs can stop working at the moment you start using them.

Please don't abuse these APIs.

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:closed_lock_with_key: Closed Source APIs

1) Torrent Search :mag:

Searches for torrents on various torrent search engines.

Example: https://api.sumanjay.cf/torrent/?query=ubuntu

2) Coronavirus Stats :bar_chart:

Show the Coronavirus Statistics in requested region.

Usage for Global Results:
Example: https://api.sumanjay.cf/covid/

Usage for Detailed Indian Results:
Example: https://api.sumanjay.cf/covid/india/

Usage for Countrywise Results:
Example: https://api.sumanjay.cf/covid/?country=India

3) Web Screenshot :camera:

Captures Screenshot of a Website from URL


Optional Supported Args

delay: int Time to wait before taking Screenshot.(Max 10 Seconds)

m: boolean Setting this to True will enable mobile resolution and set User-Agent to Chrome Android. (Experimental)

full: boolean Captures full page Screenshot (No infinite Scrolling) :neutral_face:

Cookie Banners, Ads and Tracking Scripts are disabled by default while taking Screenshots

Example: https://api.sumanjay.cf/ss/?url=https://github.com/cyberboysumanjay/APIs/blob/master/README.md&m=True&full=True&delay=5

Note: The API is hosted on Heroku so it may be slow to respond.

:unlock: Open Sourced APIs

Gaana API

JioSaavn API

JioMusic API

Carbon API

Inshorts News API

:star: Made using these APIs :star:

@songdl_bot: Music Downloading Bot on Telegram

Musify: Music Downloader Android App

@torrentsearcher_bot: Torrent Search Bot on Telegram

Torrflix: Torrent video streaming script.

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