Hello, Houston!

Apollo11 is a framework project for elementary OS, hopefully good enough I can start eating the dogfood soon.

The ultimate goal is to develop a skeleton to save developers starting from tabula rasa for every new project and allow them to expect to be able to publish from T minus zero.


  • CMake build setup.
  • Requires only elementary-sdk.
  • Window with HeaderBar.
  • Window position saving and GSettings support.
  • AppData.xml for publishing in appcenter.
  • Granite.Application about window.
  • HeaderBar buttons example.
  • Notifications ready to go.

Get it

install the elementary OS SDK

sudo apt install elementary-sdk

clone the Apollo11 repository

git clone https://github.com/Nine-H/apollo11.git
cd apollo11

build the project

mkdir build && cd build
sudo make install


The best way to learn is to start reading, so I've tried to keep Apollo11 super light. You should check out hello_houston.vala to add widgets to the window and header.vala to add them to the headerbar, You can start changing your app to use a different name in apollo11.vala but I'll probably eventually make a graphical configurator to do this. This app also serves as a useful reference for backporting basic features and a build system for your own app/hack/shellcommand/w/e.


elementary app skeleton (hello houston)

Apollo11 Info

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