CloudKit Catalog Web App V2




This web app provides executable sample code for the core API methods provided by the CloudKit JS JavaScript library. Topics covered:

  1. Authenticating users.
  2. Retrieving users' discoverable information.
  3. Querying records.
  4. CRUD operations on zones.
  5. CRUD operations on records within zones.
  6. Fetching changed records within a zone using CloudKit's syncing capabilities.
  7. CRUD operations on subscriptions.
  8. Registering for notifications.


A valid Apple devloper account is required for the CloudKit development.

Before running the web app, modify the file js/init.js. Replace the container identifier with one that you own and insert an API token generated through CloudKit Dashboard in the appropriate place. The web app assumes the existence of an Items record type with the following fields.

  • name : String
  • location : Location
  • asset : Asset

Create this record type through CloudKit Dashboard if it doesn't already exist.

Runtime Requirements

For best results, use a recent version of Safari or Chrome.

If you are using Safari, remember to enable cross-site tracking.

Copyright (C) 2015-2021 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

Apple Cloudkit Catalog V2

Getting started with Apple CloudKit JS V2 on Web.

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