Finding the best arbitrage opportunities for the top 100 cryptocurrencies.


  • Cython - python3 -m pip install cython
  • Pymarketcap - python3 -m pip install pymarketcap


start [--pairs -p] [--exchanges -e] [--minimum_volume -m] [--simple -s] [--coins_shown -c] [--top -t] [--coin_list -l]

  • trading_pairs = ALL
    • sets what trading pairs are accepted
  • exchanges = ALL
    • sets what exchanges are accepted
  • minimum_volume = 1%
    • sets minimum coin percent volume on exchange
  • simple = False
    • hides information and errors
  • coins_shown = 10
    • sets the number of coins shown
  • coin_list = []
    • If set, runs on a set of specified currencies instead of the top X currencies
  • top = 100
    • sets the number of top currencies to use. It gets buggy towards the bottom (700s), so be warned.

I usually run it with these settings:

python3 ./start --exchanges Binance Kucoin Etherdelta Cryptopia Bittrex Bitfinex Poloniex --pairs ETH BTC LTC

If this library helped you at all, you can donate ETH to 0x293a25bc3e1da86bb3322cf940e7baf49f52cae4.


  • Arbitrage usually exists for a reason. Usually this is:
    • No wallet withdrawal / Deposit for a coin
    • High withdrawal fees or long wait time
    • Very low volume
  • This library does not take any of these factors

Arbitrage Chances

Finding the best arbitrage opportunies for the top 100 cryptocurrencies in python3.

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