Arxiv Equations

Arxiv Equations provides latex format equations from arxiv paper.

This app is made with Go, Vue.js and MySQL.


  • Golang
    • dep, go get -u
  • npm
  • mysql

Getting Started

go get

Environment variables

export DB_USER=<user>
export DB_PASS=<password>
export DB_NAME=<dbname, ex.arxiv_equations>
export BACKEND_BASEURL=<backend url, ex.http://localhost:1323">

Install dependencies

# backend 
dep ensure

# frontend 
cd frontend; npm install --save

Start development

# backend 
go run server.go

# frontend 
cd frontend; npm run dev


  • copy macro button

  • removing vue router

  • add updating paper api

  • exclusive processing for pasing latex source

  • accurate tex source parsing (by using pandoc or something)

  • extract equation number

  • separate controllers and models properly

Arxiv Equations

:rocket: Provides equations in latex format from arxiv paper.

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