AtomOS Desktop Environment

alt text Tested on Electron 9.0. Previous versions of Electron are not guaranteed to work with recent builds.

Fully JS-based X11 Desktop Environment on Linux, working in Electron. Contains web-based applications with full Node.JS and Electron access. All latest JS technologies are used. There is also an operating system available based on this.

Installation (for Linux)


$ git clone

Firstly, you should have Node.JS and NPM installed (instructions for Ubuntu-based systems):

# apt install -y nodejs npm

Install the libraries and launch:

$ cd atomos
atomos/$ npm install
atomos/$ npm start


lightdm-webkit theme:


Changelog is available here.


You can open Developer Tools in debug menu or by right-clicking Menu button. All apps and elements are being generated with VanillaJS.


JS-based Linux desktop environment.

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