Aus Bills

This is a package is for obtaining parliament bills for Australian governments.

Install via pip

pip install ausbills

Current governments that are supported:

  • Australian Federal Government

Australian Federal Government

This module had methods for scraping the Australian Federal Parliament website, using beautiful soup.

The bills are scraped to get data from both the house and the senate:

from ausbills.federal_parliment import all_bills, Bill
bill_five = all_bills[5] is a list of all current bills and some basic data in the form of a dict. The rest of the data may be obtained via the Bill() object.

bill = Bill(bill_five)

or you can use the url string to create an instance of Bill():

bill = Bill(bill_five["url"])

or the id

bill = Bill(bill_five["id"])

You may also change the date format:

bill = Bill(bill_five["id"],"DD/MM/YYYY")

and you can get the data dump as a dict:


We use BeautifulSoup to scrape the bills from the Bills websites. so make sure you become familiar with the docs here.

Fork the repo and install requirements

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Each state should their own bills and corresponding website. Add a python file for a new state in the /ausbills dir. the python file should have the naming convention: for Western Australia for example. Make sure we all agree on method/object/output conventions (use federal_bills as a guide). Once you are happy, update the README on method usage and make a Pull Request.

Upgrade package

Change VERSION in, then:

git tag -a 0.1.0 -m "update version 0.1.0"
git push origin 0.1.0


  • Write better usage docs

Aus Bills

This is a package is for obtaining parliament bills for Australian governments.

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