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Welcome to Auto-Subliminal, the automated python subtitle downloader!

This is a modified version of the discontinued Auto-Sub Alpha 0.5.8 project ( It makes use of Subliminal ( for checking and downloading subtitles.

What it does

  • Easy and straightforward script that scans your TV and MOVIE contents
  • If no SUBTITLE is found (externally or internally) it will attempt to download one by using Subliminal
  • Subliminal will attempt to match the correct version of the subtitle with the file located on the disk
  • Once every day it will do a full rescan of your local content
  • Support to search/save/delete a subtitle individually
  • Support to play a video remotely (need to register a custom protocol handler on your remote machine)


  • To run Auto-Subliminal from source you need Python 3.6 or higher
  • Packaged external libraries: see libaries.txt

How to use

  • Install python
  • On Windows: Install pywin32
  • Start the script: " python "
  • A web browser should now open
  • Go to the config menu, check the settings and make sure you set at least:
    • Video paths: The root folder(s) of your series and/or movies
    • Default language: Your primary subtitle language
    • Subliminal settings: Your minimal match score and used providers
  • Restart Auto-Subliminal

Enjoy your subtitles!

Auto Subliminal

Auto-Subliminal, the automated subliminal subtitle downloader

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