Awesome WM 4.x Ban theme


A theme for the Awesome window manager, version 4.x.

Inspired by awesome-copycats

darkblue theme

With compton and rofi

yellow theme


  • Enable/Disable titlebar for all windows or selectively
  • Scratchpads which allow you hides window in the background (not minimized, just hidden) and invoke it whenever you need it on current tag (like yeahconsole, quake)
  • Autostart background programs
  • Custom layouts
  • to be continued...


Complements are provided by Lain, freedesktop and scratch.

Fonts are Terminus, Tamzen, Meslo LGS and Tamsyn

GTK3 theme - Arc-Dark

GTK3 icon theme - Paper

Additional default software used:

dmenu2 urxvt rofi nm-applet xsel nm-applet yeahconsole tmux i3lock-color-git zsh oh-my-zsh-git i3lock-fancy-git kbdd perwindowlayoutd xautolock

Fork of Compton with new blur method "kawase"


Config files:

All found configuration files remained here.


git clone --recursive

mv -bv awesome-ban/* ~/.config/awesome; rm -rf awesome-ban

cp ~/.config/awesome/rc-default.lua ~/.config/awesome/rc.lua


First open your rc.lua in text editor and setup the configuration:

  • Define autostart programs
  • Set variables
  • Change default hotkeys
  • Setup layouts
  • Set windows rules

Note that Lain, Freedesktop and Scratch added as submodules, for cloning repo you must use command:

git clone --recursive

Awesome Ban

Awesome WM 4.x theme configs

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