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Awesome collection of brainstorming, problem solving, ideation and team building tools. From foresight to overcoming creative blocks, this list contains all the awesome boardgames, canvases and deck of cards that were designed to help you solve a certian problem.

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  • 💯 - Must have tool.
  • ⏬ - Free downloadable version available.
  • ❓ - Uncertain if the tool can still be obtained.
  • 📱 - App available.


Ideation Tools

Tools that are designed to help you with the creation of new ideas, let that be business ideas or ides to solve specific problems.

Business Model Tools

Tools that are designed to help you develop, refine and explore already existing business ideas.

Foresight Tools

Tools that are designed to help you with foresight, future predictions and trendspotting.

  • Dealing with Uncertainty - Online tool to help you stimulate strategic discussions about alternative futures.
  • Drivers of Change - Deck of cards to help you investigates key global issues and trends in our societies and markets.
  •💯 - Online tool to help you generate insight on emerging technologies.
  • Future Deck📱 - Deck of cards to help you play through stories from the future.
  • Futurescan⏬ - Canvas with 200+ thought-provoking future predictions.
  • IMPACT: A Foresight Game - Boardgame to help you think critically and imaginatively about emerging technology and the future of society.
  • Lacuna Radar - Online tool that helps you organize and visualize industry trends and technologies.
  • NowandNext⏬ - Trend maps created by futurist Richard Watson.
  • Nventi - Online platform to help you explore the technological landscape and discover areas ripe for innovation.
  • Scenario Exploration System💯⏬ - Bardgame to help you with building scenarios.
  • STEEP Foresight Cards - Deck of cards to help you with external analysis.


Tools that are designed with general problem solving in mind. Rather than focusing on one type of problem they try to aggregate a range of methods, usually resulting in a collection of methods.

  • 100% Open Toolkit⏬ - Collection of online methods to helps you along the whole innovation journey.
  • 8ideas Innovation Toolkit - Boardgame to help you with brainstorming techniques, observation methods, prototyping and more.
  • Design Games⏬ - Collection of fun activities that are primarily used to provide input to a design problem.
  • Design Kit - Collection of online methods to help you unleashing your creativity.
  • Design Method Toolkit - Collection of online problem solving methods based on the design thinking methodology.
  • DIY Toolkit⏬ - Collection of methods to help you trigger and support social innovation.
  • Hyper Island ToolBox💯 - Collection of methods to help you apply creative collaboration in your team and organization.
  • Method Kits⏬ - Collection of card decks, designed to help you develop ideas, and collaborate better.
  • Project of How⏬ - Collection of brainstorming methods everyone can start using right away.
  • The Gamestorming Cheat Sheet⏬ - Collection of games to help you solve problems.

Design Thinking Tools

Tools that are designed based on the design thinking methodology or try to promote design thinking and service design methodologies.

Scrum Tools

Tools that are designed to help you with your daily scrum meetings and scrum process.


Tools that are designed with problem solving in mind however they are intended to be games rather than a serious tool.

Self Help

Tools that are designed to help you on a personal level.

Other Tools

Tools that don't fit into any of the above categories but are lacking in numbers to create a new category for.

Designer Tools

For some reason there are a lot of tools with designers in mind. So they get their own category.

Not Available Tools

Tools that are either a concept design or were designed for a private organization and are not available for the public.


Links to websites that try, to some degree, to create a list like this one.


Awesome Ideation Tools

Problem solving and idea generation tools

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