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A curated list of Pulsar tools, integrations, and resources.

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The clients developed under ASF.

Other clients:

Data Processing

Interactive Query

  • pulsar-presto: A presto connector to query Pulsar topics using SQL



  • streamnative/pulsar-io-kafka: An enhanced version of pulsar-io-kafka connector to support copying data between Kafka and Pulsar with schema.
  • zwzch/fluent-plugin-pulsar: An enhanced version of fluent-plugin-pulsar connector to support copying data between Pulsar and Fluent.





  • pulsar-grafana: With the pulsar-grafana Docker image, you can create a dashboard driven by the data stored in Prometheus. It is enabled by default when deploying Pulsar on Kubernetes.
  • apache-pulsar-grafana-dashboard: Provides grafana dashboard templates for different Pulsar components running on both Kubernetes and on-premise machines.

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FOSSA Status

Awesome Pulsar

A curated list of Pulsar tools, integrations and resources.

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