AWS Amplify Vue Starter

A VueJs starter app integrated with aws-amplify. Please submit issues to the aws-amplify repository.

Getting Started

  1. Clone project and install dependencies
$ git clone
$ cd aws-amplify-vue-sample
$ npm install
  1. Copy your aws-exports file into the src directory, or intialize a new AWS Amplify CLI project:
$ npm install -g @aws-amplify/cli

$ amplify init

$ amplify add auth
$ > Yes, use the default configuration.

$ amplify add storage
$ > Content (Images, audio, video, etc.)
$ > Auth users only
$ > read/write

$ amplify add api
$ > GraphQL
$ > Amazon Cognito User Pool
$ Do you have an annotated GraphQL schema? N
$ Do you want a guided schema creation? Y
$ > Single object with fields (e.g. "Todo" with id, name description)
$ Do you want to edit the schema now? Y

  type Todo @model {
  id: ID!
  note: String!
  done: Boolean

$ amplify push
$ Do you want to generate code for your newly created GraphQL API N
  1. Start the project
$ npm start

Check http://localhost:8080/

Setup AWS Amplify

It is recommended to configure Amplify library at the entry point of application. Here we choose main.js

import Amplify from 'aws-amplify';
import { components } from 'aws-amplify-vue'; 
import aws_exports from './aws-exports'




new Vue({
  el: '#app',
  router: router,
  template: '<App/>',
  components: { 

We then install the AmplifyPlugin in the application's router/index.js file:

import { AmplifyPlugin } from 'aws-amplify-vue';


Vue.use(AmplifyPlugin, AmplifyModules);

This makes the Amplify library available throughout the application as a Vue Plugin.

Authentication Components

This sample uses three auth-related components from the aws-amplify-vue package:

  • Authenticator

    • allows new users to signup, signin, and complete verification/multifactor authentication steps.
    • included in the router as the default route that is shown when the user is not logged in.
  • SetMFA

    • included in the profile page
    • allows users to select their preferred MFA types
    • you can configure the MFA options that are dispayed in the SetMFA component by binding a mfaConfig object to the component like so:
      <amplify-set-mfa v-bind:mfaConfig="mfaConfig"></amplify-set-mfa>


    mfaConfig = { mfaTypes: ['SMS', 'TOTP', 'None'] }

Storage Components

In this sample, src/amplify package register a group of Amplify related components. Other than Auth components, there are two storage related components:

  • PhotoPicker
    • showcase usage of Amplify Storage on binary data uploads
  • S3Image
    • showcase usage of Amplify Storage on binary data display


This application uses verbose logging by default. You can change the log level by altering the line window.LOG_LEVEL = 'VERBOSE'; in App.vue.


This library is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License.

Aws Amplify Vue

A Vue.js starter app integrated with AWS Amplify

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