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Table of contents

Quick Start

Installation command: pip install awswrangler

import awswrangler as wr
import pandas as pd

df = pd.DataFrame({"id": [1, 2], "value": ["foo", "boo"]})

# Storing data on Data Lake

# Retrieving the data directly from Amazon S3
df = wr.s3.read_parquet("s3://bucket/dataset/", dataset=True)

# Retrieving the data from Amazon Athena
df = wr.athena.read_sql_query("SELECT * FROM my_table", database="my_db")

# Get Redshift connection (SQLAlchemy) from Glue and retrieving data from Redshift Spectrum
engine = wr.catalog.get_engine("my-redshift-connection")
df = wr.db.read_sql_query("SELECT * FROM external_schema.my_table", con=engine)

# Get MySQL connection (SQLAlchemy) from Glue Catalog and LOAD the data into MySQL
engine = wr.catalog.get_engine("my-mysql-connection")
wr.db.to_sql(df, engine, schema="test", name="my_table")

# Get PostgreSQL connection (SQLAlchemy) from Glue Catalog and LOAD the data into PostgreSQL
engine = wr.catalog.get_engine("my-postgresql-connection")
wr.db.to_sql(df, engine, schema="test", name="my_table")

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Aws Data Wrangler

Pandas on AWS

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