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Azure Pipelines Samples

Sample configurations with explanation and useful links.


Feel free to create an issue if you have any questions or request for more explanation or samples. I also take Pull Requests!

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Sample Flow - Library

1. Build


2. Test


3. Publish NuGet


4. Contract test with prerelease NuGet


5. Release NuGet


6. Whole flow


See full configuration in the azure-pipelines.yml

Sample Flow - Selenium-based Web E2e Tests


Sample Flow - Web App with different APIs (or different versions of the same API) compatibility check


Sample Flow - Api E2E tests with Docker


Other Resources

  1. Integrate GitHub repository with AzureDevops:

  2. Setup AzureDevops for .NET Core build:

  1. Connect with NuGet feed
  1. Publish NuGet package
  1. Multi-platform build pipeline
  1. Copy files between jobs:
  1. Conditions:
  1. Checking out multiple repos:
  1. Artifacts tasks:
  1. Templates:

I found an issue or I have a change request

Feel free to create an issue on GitHub. Contributions, pull requests are more than welcome!

AzurePipelinesSamples is Copyright © 2020 Oskar Dudycz and other contributors under the MIT license.


Azure Pipeline Samples - sample configurations with explanation and useful links

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