Backbone.js Tutorial Series

This repository will store the code used in the Backbone.js tutorial series.

Part 1

The Part 1 of the article gives a simple introduction of the framework Backbone.js, showing a simple "Hello World" View.


Part 2

This part is focused on introducing and explaining the Backbone.View class, showing practical samples and a full functional code using templates and events.


Part 3

The Part 3 of the series shows how to use Backbone.Model, all of its functionality and an integration of the Model with the View created in Part 2. A simple Sinatra backend is written, to show how Backbone.Model uses a RESTful API with the Backbone.sync() methods to make persistence of data and syncronization.


Part 4

This part shows the Backbone.Collection class, and increments the simple blog developed through the series, showing how to build a list of the Posts, how to iterate and use Backbone.Collection with all the Array functionalities of Underscore.js. A new View is built to support the blog posts listing and some other resources are implemented, also the Sinatra backend is modified to add the Posts listing support.


Part 5

The Part 5 of the series is the last one introducing features and components of the framework. It will show the Backbone.Router class along with Backbone.History, adding some routes to the blog developed and the usage of the pushState HTML5 API. Also the Backbone.sync function is presented, with some examples of customization, and some more details about the events API of the framework.


Part 6

This is the last part of the Backbone.js tutorial series, focusing in a deep practical experience on how to build an application from scratch, using good practices, other JS libraries and a PHP backend. Some topics covered:

  • Laravel Framework
  • Models
  • Views
  • Underscore.js
  • Require.js
  • JWT Authentication
  • Twitter Bootstrap.

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Backbone Tutorial Series

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