balenaFin repository

Official documentation repository for the balenaFin board. Get it now from the official balenaFin store.

Directory structure

ā”œā”€ā”€ documentation
ā”‚   ā”œā”€ā”€ CAD                          # 3D files for balenaFin and accesories
ā”‚   ā”œā”€ā”€ PDF                          # PDF files generated from markdown source using the builder
ā”‚   ā””ā”€ā”€ markdown                     # balenaFin and accesories documentation source files
ā””ā”€ā”€ software                         # Linux config files for accessing balenaFin HW
ā”œā”€ā”€ builder.css                      # PDF generator files
ā”œā”€ā”€ config.json                      # PDF generator files
ā”œā”€ā”€ index.js                         # PDF generator files
ā””ā”€ā”€ package.json                     # PDF generator files

Generated documentation

All files inside documentation/CAD and documentation/PDF are official balenaFin documentation. They are automatically generated from markdown files in documentation/markdown.

Building PDF releases

All PDF documentation is generated automatically frorm markdown files. To install the PDF generator, clone the repository and run npm install

config.json allows to define the document sources and their destination folder, along with custom overall styling

Once config.json is configured, run npm start to generate the PDF

Project specific syntax

Page breaks

Creating a pagebreak on the destination PDF. It's important to leave a blank line above and below.

<div class="page-break"></div>

Balena Fin

General information about the balenaFin including design files, software support, and more

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