A collection of examples for balenaFin wrapped as a multi-container balenaCloud application. This collection will be improved with more examples over time, make sure to check it out from time to time!

Service What it does
wifi-connect if the balenaFin is not connected, exposes a WiFi access point with Captive Portal ( SSID: balenaFin, PSK: balenaFin) that allows the configuration of WiFi credentials. For more info, please refer to the wifi-connect repository
rgb-led blinks the balenaFin RGB LED with a random color every 3 seconds
artik020 Loads OTA bluetooth bootloader to the Artik020 module and a sample application with BLE characteristics and the possibility to use OTA updates

How to deploy this example to balenaCloud via git

git clone [email protected]:balena-io/balena-fin-examples.git
git push balena master

How to deploy this example to balenaCloud via the balena CLI

  1. Install balena-cli
  2. Deploy this application via balena push

Balena Fin Examples

A collection of example balenaCloud applications for the balenaFin board

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