A long, two-lines fishshell prompt theme.


I was tired of issues with patched fonts like Powerline so I crafted this prompt that relies on Unicode glyphs only.


Use fisher:

fisher add stefanmaric/bigfish

If you are interested in manual installation, please open an issue asking for help and I will give you instructions and then update this README.

Know the prompt

First line, from left to right:

  • In bold blue: Current directory, shortened a bit.
  • Gear (⚙) in magenta if there are any background jobs.
  • Git info, green when clean and yellow when dirty:
    • On top of branch (🜉), tag (⌂), or detached head (⌀) glyph.
    • Branch name, tag name, or short commit checksum.
    • Branch is behind (⭳), ahead (⭱), or diverged (🔀) from remote.
    • There is least one stash (≡).
    • There are staged changes ready for commit (±).
    • There are changes not ready for commit (dirty state) (*).
    • There are new untracked files (…).
  • Nodejs version (⬡) in cyan if there's a package.json file around.
  • Vagrant glyph (🇻) in purple if you can run vagrant commands.
  • Last command duration.
  • Time when last command returned control to the shell.
  • Last command error code in red if any.

Second line, from left to right

  • Regular user (•) in gray or root user (⌁) in red,


Just open a Pull Request




A long, two-lines fish prompt theme

Bigfish Info

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