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Deploy your own copy on Heroku

Deploy to Heroku


  1. Node.js


Use npm run <task>.


npm install

npm test && npm run dev


# start development server and watch for changes
npm run dev
# or
npm run watch

# start production server
npm start

# and more
npm run



The Express.js app configuration.

  • port: Integer value of the Node application port.
  • theme: Integer value of the default theme we use; it's the array index value from the bootswatch4 section below.
  • siteurl: Our canonical URL.
  • authors: Array of author Objects. Accepts the following:
    • name
    • twitter: the Twitter handler without @
    • url: author's website URL (optional)
    • work: (optional) Object which can contain:
      • text: the text to show for the url bellow
      • url: the link to the work
  • description: String containing the default meta description of the site.
  • favicon: The path to favicon.ico.
  • stylesheet: Array of stylesheet file(s) we use apart from the Bootswatch stylesheet.
  • javascript: Array of javascript file(s) we use.
  • redirects: Array of Objects for the page redirects.


Contains the /showcase/ and /integrations/ config we use in the Express.js app.


Contains the CDN files we host.The SRI values are updated by running npm run integrity.


Our CSP config using

Updating Bootstrap/Bootlint/Bootswatch

Replace package by the package you want to update and version with its version in the following commands:

npm i [email protected] -ED
npm run package version
  1. Update config/_config.yml accordingly
  2. npm run integrity
  3. Make sure npm run all passes after the files are on S3/CDN and verify the frontend works as expected without any visual breakage


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