" I don’t know; every man has his breaking point."

  • Red, The Shawshank Redemption

BREAKING-POINT lets you quickly define and subscribe to screen breakpoints in your re-frame application.

Add the following to the :dependencies vector in your project.clj file.

[breaking-point "0.1.2"]

And in your ns:

(ns your-ns
  (:require [breaking-point.core :as bp]))

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::bp/set-breakpoints takes a hash-map with the following shape:

key type default required?
:breakpoints [keyword int keyword int ... keyword] yes
:debounce-ms int 0 no

Breakpoints takes a series of keywords alternating with ints that will be used as breakpoints. Make sure the breakpoints are ascending in value. Here is an example:

(re-frame/dispatch-sync [::bp/set-breakpoints
                         {;; required
                          :breakpoints [:mobile

                          ;; optional
                          :debounce-ms 166

You can have as many breakpoints as you want and name them whatever you want, just be sure to alternate keywords with ascending ints.

When you disptach ::bp/set-breakpoints, it will register subscriptions based on the provided keywords and breakpoints that you supplied.

(re-frame/subscribe [::bp/screen-width]) ;; will be an int
(re-frame/subscribe [::bp/screen-height]) ;; will be an int
(re-frame/subscribe [::bp/screen]) ;; will be one of the following: :mobile, :tablet, :small-monitor, :large-monitor

(re-frame/subscribe [::bp/orientation]) ;; will be either :portrait or :landscape
(re-frame/subscribe [::bp/landscape?]) ;; true if width is >= height
(re-frame/subscribe [::bp/portrait?]) ;; true if height > width

;; these will be based on the breakpoint names that you provide
(re-frame/subscribe [::bp/mobile?]) ;; true if screen-width is < 768
(re-frame/subscribe [::bp/tablet?]) ;; true if screen-width is >= 768 and < 992
(re-frame/subscribe [::bp/small-monitor?]) ;; true if window width is >= 992 and < 1200
(re-frame/subscribe [::bp/large-monitor?]) ;; true if window width is >= 1200

Note, ::bp/set-breakpoints should only be dispatched once when the application first loads.


Create a new re-frame application and add the +breaking-point option.

lein new re-frame foo +breaking-point


If you have questions, I can usually be found hanging out in the clojurians #reagent slack channel (my handle is @gadfly361).


Copyright Β© 2018 Matthew Jaoudi

Distributed under the The MIT License (MIT).

Breaking Point

BREAKING-POINT lets you quickly define and subscribe to screen (i.e. window) breakpoints in your re-frame application

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