A Finite Element library for Static and Linear analysis of solids and structures 100% in C#.

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Brief Finite Element Dot NET (BFE.NET) is a .NET based software framework for static and linear Finite Element Analysis (FEA) of solids and structures. BFE.NET help you to simply take advantage of Object Oriented approach to analyze FE models. Advantage of such a framework is that user does have a very powerful control on what he is working with, and control is not limited to an UI with predefined controls.


Some documentation available from and Wiki section.

Support and bug report

You can use issues section for reporting bugs and requesting new features and asking for help on something, there is also a paid support for commercial developers available via email:

Paid support (Commercial) via email : [email protected]

For a small payment (like a USD or two) you'll get premium support about using this library for your specific purpose by its developers. You can ask any question about FEM and its applications, we'll answer as much as we can...

Many payment types are accepted, including PayPal and CryptoCurrencies and maybe other types, just message and we'll talk about it!

Please note that free support still exists and is maintained by the community available from Issues and Discussion sections.


  • Various Elements (2 node beam, column, truss, shaft, 3 node plate bending and membrane, 4 node tetrahedral)

_ Different loads types (Concentrated force or moment in BarElement body, uniform load on BarElement)

_ Calculate internal force of BarElement at any location of Element.

  • Static Linear analysis (dynamic analysis not fully implemented yet)

  • Supports LoadCase and LoadCombination approach for analysis and post process

  • Considering initial displacements (settlements)

  • Full or partial nodal restrains

  • Compatible with .NET 4.0 and higher

  • All data classes are Serializable

  • Direct and Iterative solvers (More)

  • Reasonable performance (More, More 2)

  • Good Documentation available at


This library is developed regarding "Code Reuse" so the code will be somehow complicated. There are several types of validation for FE models in this library: Since it is not possible to validate all features with a single software,

  • Unit Test (in project BriefFiniteElementNet.Tests)

  • Validating the result with other well known and open source applications:

for more information on validation please have a look at file.

Known Issues

for more information on known issues please have a look at file and issues section.

Hire Developers (Consultation)

You can have developers for consult and/or coding, on hourly basis or project based. Just contact email : [email protected]

BriefFiniteElementDotNET (BFE.NET) is a library for linear-static Finite Element Method (FEM) analysis of solids and structures in .NET Info

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