Brooks' Dotfiles

Dotfiles are the preferences, tricks and hacks that you use to tame your terminal. There are many like them, but these are mine.


The structure of these dotfiles are heavily influenced by @holman's, but the contents have been created and curated by myself over the years.


git clone ~/.dotfiles
cd ~/.dotfiles


There are a few special files and conventions to point out:

  • bin/: Anything in bin/ will be added to your $PATH and be made available to execute anywhere in your shell.
  • topic/ Any file named is loaded first and is expected to setup $PATH or similar.
  • topic/* Any files ending in get loaded into your environment.
  • topic/* Any files ending in get loaded into your environment, after any files.
  • topic/*.symlink: Any files ending in *.symlink get symlinked into your $HOME. This is so you can keep all of those versioned in your dotfiles but still keep those autoloaded files in your home directory. These get symlinked in when you run ./install.
  • topic/ Any file named is automatically loaded when you call ./install.



Configuration settings for my terminal

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