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A beautiful and informative budgeting Android app. It's light-weight and all data stays on your device. I built this app because I felt like there needed to be an intuitive and useful privacy-respecting budgeting app.

  • Labels: Tag your transactions with labels to gain insights on how you spend and earn your money. The app comes with some labels, feel free to edit them or add some more!

  • Insights: There's an entire screen to view insights on your money management. View different ranges from just this week, this month, and lifetime transactions.

  • Design: The design has went over many iterations to create something beautiful to look at and intuitive to use. The animations were made to make the app feel like a joy to use while not being over the top. All insights on your spending are shown through clean charts.

  • Speed: The app was coded to be as lightweight and efficient as possible, running on even the lowest end devices.

  • Privacy: With no data leaving your device, your privacy is guaranteed in this application.

  • 100% Free and No Ads: This app is and always will be 100% free, no in-app purchases. It shouldn't cost money to manage your money, and ads ruin the look of the app.

  • Open-source (of course)

  • Permissions: None needed!

Technologies Used

Installation and Setup

If you don't already have Flutter installed and an editor set up, do that here and here. I use VSCode as the editor for this project and the stable Flutter channel.

After ensuring everything works with flutter doctor, clone the repo and run flutter pub get then flutter run to run the application on your device.


Bug/Feature Requests

Open an issue here with the appropriate labels and information.


If you'd like to help me out, great!

Find an issue that needs some help then fork the repository, make the changes needed, then create a pull request.

If there is something you want to add/fix that's not in the issue list, create an issue first, assign it to yourself, then start working on it.


Budget your life with ease.

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