A GIS workflow pipeline for designing festivals. Buildmap has been used for Electromagnetic Field, Chaos Computer Club, and IFCAT hacker camps in Europe.

Buildmap takes a CAD site plan in DXF format and produces a clean PostGIS geodatabase as well as a tileserver configuration for rendering the map on the web. The recommended output format is Mapbox Vector Tiles via Tegola, for vector rendering with Mapbox GL JS or OpenLayers.

Buildmap has an extensible plugin system and plugins exist for power and network planning, statistics, in-browser search, and translation.

It allows you to visualise complex, multi-layered site plans in a simple way.

Map of CCCamp 2019

A Diagram

buildmap diagram


Docker is the preferred deployment method for buildmap as it is quite sensitive to dependency versions. You can fetch the latest version with docker pull russss/buildmap.

Source Files

You will need at least one .dxf file to use as a source.

Web Viewer

You will need a website with a javascript map viewer to view the generated tiles. Both OpenLayers 3 and Mapbox GL JS work well.


You need to create two configuration files - one (local.conf) will contain the host-specific configuration (paths and database details), the other (map.conf) will contain the rendering configuration for your map.

Example config files can be found in the config directory.



A GIS workflow pipeline for designing festivals

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