A list of awesome Kotlin android projects, libraries, documents and other resources.



  • anko - Pleasant Android application development
  • Twidere-Android -
  • kotterknife - View "injection" library for Android .
  • Multi-Selection - Multiselection Solution for Android in Kotlin
  • BlackLight - A light Sina Weibo client for Android
  • JellyToolbar -
  • SearchFilter - Implementing Search Filter Animation in Kotlin for Quora Meets LinkedIn, Our App Design Concept
  • Bandhook-Kotlin - A showcase music app for Android entirely written using Kotlin language
  • Kotlin-Android-Template - 🚀 An Android project template using Kotlin/MVP/ReactiveX. It provides a generator to fast create a Kotlin Android tem…
  • android-snowfall - Fully customizable implementation of "Snowfall View" on Android .
  • debug-bottle - 🍼 Debug Bottle is an Android runtime debug / develop tools written using kotlin language.
  • Bubble-Picker - An easy-to-use animation which can be used for content picking for Android
  • tachiyomi - Free and open source manga reader for Android
  • Fuel - The easiest HTTP networking library for Kotlin/ Android
  • Kotlin-for-Android-Developers - Companion App for the book
  • KAndroid - Kotlin library for Android
  • GankClient-Kotlin - kotlin实现的干货集中营 Android 客户端 Kotlin Dagger Databinding Rxjava Retrofit Okhttp3
  • codeview-android - Display code with syntax highlighting 🔆 in native way.
  • Murmur - 📻 A third-party DoubanFM android client.
  • input-mask-android - User input masking library repo.
  • FingerprintAuthHelper - A small library that allows You to easily manage fingererprint authentication inside your Activity or Fragment on dev…
  • LightCalendarView - A lightweight monthly calendar view for Android , fully written in Kotlin. Designed to meet the minimum demands for ty…
  • LastAdapter - Don't write a RecyclerView adapter again. Not even a ViewHolder!
  • CircleLayout - An Android layout for arranging children along a circle
  • DateTimeRangePicker - A date time range picker for android written in Kotlin
  • kotlin-dagger-example - Example of Android project showing integration with Kotlin and Dagger 2
  • KBinding - Android MVVM framework write in kotlin, develop Android has never been so fun.
  • Simple-Calendar - A simple calendar with events, customizable widget and no ads.
  • stencil - Android library, written exclusively in kotlin, for animating the path created from text
  • PassAndroid - Android App to view passes
  • OfficialFoldingTabBar.Android -
  • AsyncAwait - async/await for Android built upon coroutines introduced in Kotlin 1.1
  • StickySwitch - ⭐️ beautiful switch widget with sticky animation ⭐️
  • simpletask-android -
  • android-architecture-counter-sample - Sample app using Android architecture components
  • Evil-Hide - An android app that can hide other apps' icon in the launcher without root permission. 一个用于隐藏应用的app(不需要Root权限)
  • fakeit - The Kotlin fake data generator library!
  • kotlin-koi - Koi, a lightweight kotlin library for Android Development.
  • red-moon - An android screen filter app for night time phone use
  • FunctionalAndroidReference - Showcase project of Functional Reactive Programming on Android , using RxJava.
  • kotlin-android-flux - Example of Android app with Flux and Kotlin and Dagger2 and famous libraries.
  • AndroidDeviceNames - A tiny Android library that transforms the device model name into something users can understand.
  • KedditBySteps - Small Reddit Android client developed with Kotlin
  • Stepper-Touch - Stepper Touch for Android based on:
  • ActivityStarter - Simple Android Library, that provides easy way to start the Activities with arguments.
  • LabCoat - GitLab client for Android . Mirror of project on GitLab
  • Pr0 - Offizielle pr0gramm app für Android . Download auf
  • android-kotlin-samples - Some basic samples of Kotlin for Android
  • palettehelper - Utility Android app for generating color palettes of images using the Palette library. Written in Kotlin.
  • SurvivalManual - Libre Survival Manual for Android with offline in mind
  • NewsCatchr-OpenSource - Code of the NewsCatchr app
  • androidKotlin - Kotlin extenstion method for better Android development
  • Apollo - 🚀 Best IPC and APT RxBus for android (进程间通信,编译时注解的RxBus)
  • bodyweight-fitness-android - Bodyweight Fitness ( Android )
  • intellij-java2smali - A plugin for IntelliJ IDEA & Android Studio to easily compile Java & Kotlin files to smali.
  • SimpleRatingBar - SimpleRatingBar allows us to create a RatingBar with margin between items
  • animated-clock-icon - Easy-to-use animated clock icon for Android
  • android-mvp-kotlin-starter - [WIP] [ Android MVP Kotlin] Android App starter based on Kotlin + MVP + Dagger2 + RxJava2 + Robolectric + Espresso + M…
  • lattekit - Android framework for building UI quickly in Kotlin, inspired by React.js
  • Kotlin-Android-Boilerplate - Kotlin Android boilerplate project with MVVM architecture using RxJava, Dagger 2, and more!
  • LastPagerAdapter - Don't write a ViewPager Adapter! Hook up your ViewPager to your data model using Android Data Binding Framework. With…
  • Simple-Gallery - A gallery for viewing photos and videos without ads.
  • kotlin-jetpack - A collection of useful extension methods for Android
  • Keddit - Keddit: A Reddit Android client using Kotlin (Retrofit, RxJava, RxAndroid...)
  • gobandroid - A Goban for Android
  • FontBinder - Easy font usage in your Android XML layouts
  • Kotpref - Kotpref - Android SharedPreferences delegation library for Kotlin
  • kotlinAndroidLib - Kotlin "sugar" for Android
  • kaffeine - Kaffeine is a Kotlin-flavored Android library for accelerating development.
  • - for Android !
  • twittnuker - Android 4.0+ Twitter Client
  • audiowave-progressbar - Lightweight audiowave progressbar for Android
  • simple-range-view - SimpleRangeView is custom view component for Android , that provides for the selection of a range
  • StockTicker - A resizable stock ticker widget for your android home screen, written in Kotlin
  • OpenConference-android - An Android App for your Conference
  • android - Standard Notes Android app.
  • - 一个 Kotlin 开发的 客户端
  • FanfouHandpick - 📖 A Fanfou Handpick Client Developed by Kotlin
  • tropos-android - Weather and Forecasts for Humans
  • realmfieldnameshelper - Realm extension library used to create more type-safe queries.
  • GradleAspectJ-Android - gradle plug-in adding supports of AspectJ into Android project
  • android-drawable-dsl - DSL for constructing the drawables in Kotlin instead of in XML
  • AsyncAwait-Android - Utilizing async-await in Android
  • chicago-roboto - Web and Android app for Chicago Roboto conference
  • redchain - An Android app written in Kotlin to help keep you motivated towards your daily goal(s)
  • mpv-android - #mpv- android @ freenode
  • kotlin-mvp-example - A small client server app on Kotlin that is using MVP architecture
  • monotweety - Simple Twitter Client just for tweeting, written in Kotlin with reactive MVVM-like approach
  • Reduks - A "batteries included" port of Reduxjs for Kotlin+ Android
  • AdvancedRecyclerView - An easy, empowering Kotlin library for RecyclerView


  • KAConf - KickAss Configuration. An annotation-based configuration system for Java and Kotlin
  • Anko - Anko is a library which makes Android application development faster and easier.
  • ActivityStarter - Android Library that provide simpler way to start the Activities with multiple arguments.
  • SQLDelight - Generates Java models from CREATE TABLE statements.
  • RxKotlin - Kotlin Adaptor for RxJava
  • SuperSLiM - A layout manager for the RecyclerView
  • Kotlin/Native - a LLVM backend for the Kotlin compiler
  • Bubble-Picker - An easy-to-use animation which can be used for content picking for Android
  • KBinding - Android MVVM framework write in kotlin.
  • TornadoFX - Lightweight JavaFX Framework for Kotlin
  • KotlinPreferencesObject - Kotlin Android Library, that makes preference usage in Kotlin simple and fun, using single object with fields binded to SharedPreferences.
  • Kotter Knife - View "injection" library for Android.
  • Koi - A lightweight kotlin library for Android, including many useful extensions, async functions and quick adapter.
  • Wasabi - An HTTP Framework
  • Kara Web Framework - Kara is a web framework for the JVM written in Kotlin.
  • Kovenant - Promises for Kotlin
  • KAndroid - Kotlin library for Android providing useful extensions to eliminate boilerplate code
  • Fuel - The easiest HTTP networking library for Kotlin/Android.
  • funKTionale - Functional constructs and patterns for Kotlin
  • Kotson - Gson for Kotlin, Kotson enables you to parse and write JSON with Google's Gson using a conciser and easier syntax.
  • Kwery - Kwery is an SQL library for Kotlin.
  • kotlin-core and its related reposiories - A full framework for making Android apps. Based on Anko and Kotson.
  • Kotlin NoSQL - Kotlin NoSQL is a reactive and type-safe DSL for working with NoSQL databases.
  • Exposed - Exposed is a prototype for a lightweight SQL library written over JDBC driver for Kotlin language.
  • Klaxon - Klaxon is a lightweight library to parse JSON in Kotlin.
  • Kobalt - Kobalt is a modern and versatile build system.
  • jackson-module-kotlin - Module that adds support for serialization/deserialization of Kotlin classes and data classes.
  • Kodein - Kodein: Kotlin Dependency Injection
  • KBuilders - KBuilders turns your Java builders into beautiful Type-Safe Builders.
  • Result - This is a tiny framework for modelling success/failure of operations in Kotlin.
  • Tornado FX - A New JavaFX App Framework for Kotlin.
  • Spek - A Specification Framework for Kotlin
  • Klutter - Library of many small useful things
  • Kovert - an invisible, super easy and powerful REST and Web framework overt Vert.x or Undertow
  • Injekt - native Kotlin dependency injection (object registry style)
  • Solr-Undertow - standalone high perforamnce, simple Solr server. Embeddeable as a library.
  • Gradle Script Kotlin - Kotlin language support for Gradle build scripts.
  • Kotgo - An android development framework on kotlin using MVP architecture.
  • KillerTask - Android AsyncTask wrapper library, written in Kotlin
  • Bansa - A state container for Kotlin & Java, inspired by Elm & Redux
  • KotlinTest - A kotlin test framework inspired by ScalaTest
  • kotlin.logging - A logging framework for Kotlin
  • KotlinDiscreteMathToolkit - Set of extensions for Kotlin that provides Discrete math functionalities.
  • PultusORM - PultusORM is a sqlite ORM library.
  • Voice Overlay - An overlay that gets your user’s voice permission and input as text in a customizable UI. The library covers speech to text and proper permission handling.



  • IntelliJ IDEA 15 - The best Kotlin IDE, support Java, Groovy, Scala and Android development.
  • dokka - Dokka is a documentation engine for Kotlin, performing the same function as javadoc for Java.
  • kotlin-vim - Kotlin plugin for Vim. Featuring syntax highlighting and basic indentation
  • kotlin-sublime-package - Sublime Text 2 Package for Kotlin Programming Language
  • language-kotlin - Kotlin language support in Atom
  • kotlin-plugin-eclipse - The Kotlin Plugin for Eclipse helps you write, run, debug and test programs in Kotlin language.
  • android-parcelable-intellij-plugin-kotlin - Plugin which generates Android Parcelable boilerplate code in Intellji/Android Studio.
  • CodeGlance - Intelij IDEA plugin for displaying a code mini-map similar to the one found in Sublime.
  • Kotlin Programming By Example - Video course for Kotlin newbies and beginners in Android development
  • JsonToKotlinClass - Plugin for Android Studio And IntelliJ Idea to generate Kotlin data class code from JSON text ( Json to Kotlin )





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