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Application Architecture

  • ASP.NET Identity : Context boundaries, Using the UserManager & SignInManager, Extensions, JWT Token
  • The Repository Pattern : Seperation of concerns-Minimise dublicate query logic-Decouple business code from data access-Testabilty-Increased level of abstraction-Increased level of maintainability, flexibility-More Classes/Interfaces-Business logic further away from data
  • Specification Pattern : Error Handling and Exceptions - Developer exception page > Middleware > Swagger > Http response error > Custumize errors > Validations errors
  • Unit Of Work Pattern
    For a specification pattern, we can simply say that it is a pattern that allows us to create reusable parts by encapsulating the domain information / rules we want.
    Forms in Angular > Reactive Forms > Client Side Validation > Async Validation
  • Related Data > Seeding Data > Pagination
  • Performance, Parameters passing by query string, Page size should be limited, It should always page results
  • To be implementing sorting, searching and pagination functionality in a list using the specification pattern
  • Query commands are stored in variable
  • Execution of the query is deferred : ToList(), ToArray(), ToDictionary(), Count() or other singleton queries
  • Helper Web sites



It is a book online shop. Frontend angular Fw backend .NET Core API

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