Capitaine cursors

This is an x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze. The source files were made in Inkscape, and the theme was designed to pair well with my icon pack, La Capitaine.

This cursor should scale appropriately for any display resolution.

Supported DPIs

This cursor pack aims to support all named pixel densities.

Name Build option name Rendered density (DPI) Scale
LODPI -d lo 96-144 x1, 1.25, x1.5
TVDPI -d tv (default) 192 x2
HDPI -d hd 240 x2.5
XHDPI -d xhd 288 x3
XXHDPI -d xxhd 384-480 x4, x5
XXXHDPI -d xxxhd 576+ x6, x10

Building from source

Building from source can take a really long time, depending on the max specified DPI. Pre-built packages are available for download.

That said, you'll find everything you need to build and modify this cursor set in the src/ directory.

Make sure inkscape and xcursorgen are installed

sudo apt install inkscape x11-apps          # Debian, Ubuntu based distros
sudo dnf install inkscape xorg-x11-apps     # Fedora, EPEL based distros
brew cask install xquartz inkscape          # macOS

Then run the provided script:


This will generate the pixmaps and appropriate aliases. The freshly compiled cursor theme will be located in the dist/ folder.

The script has a few options described below:

Option Values Description
-p unix, win32 Build for BSD/Linux, or Windows
-t dark, light Choose the variant to build
-d See DPIs Set the max DPI to render

*Note: building the win32 cursors from source is not currently supported, but it is on the roadmap.

Pre-built binaries

Pre-built binaries are available for download at :heart:


*NIXes, *BSDs, and possibly others

To install the cursor theme simply copy the theme to your icons directory. For local user installation:

mkdir -p ~/.icons/capitaine-cursors
cp -pr path/to/theme/ ~/.icons/capitaine-cursors

For system-wide installation for all users:

sudo cp -pr path/to/theme/ /usr/share/icons/capitaine-cursors

Then set the theme with your preferred desktop tools.

Fedora and EPEL

There is a third-party Copr repository with ready-to-use RPMs:

sudo dnf copr enable tcg/themes
sudo dnf install la-capitaine-cursor-theme

Arch Linux

Capitaine cursors are available in the official Arch Linux repositories.

pacman -S capitaine-cursors


The Windows build comes with an INF file to make installation easy.

  1. Open .windows/ in Explorer, and right click on install.inf.
  2. Click 'Install' from the context menu, and authorise the modifications to your system.
  3. Open Control Panel > Personalisation and Appearance > Change mouse pointers, and select Capitaine cursors.
  4. Click 'Apply'.


Capitaine cursors is based on KDE Breeze cursors, as such it falls under the same license.

Capitaine cursors is LGPLv3. See COPYING for more details.


If you like this cursor theme and want to support me, please consider donating.


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CAPItaine Cursors

An x-cursor theme inspired by macOS and based on KDE Breeze. Designed to pair well with my icon pack, La Capitaine.

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