Augmented Reality Location-based Capture the Flag

Real-time mobile game built with React-Native, React-Native-Maps, Geolib, Redux, Firebase for iOS and Android

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How To Play

Coming soon to the App Store & Google Play.

Note: Until then, users may clone this repository, run 'npm install', 'react-native link', and 'node seed', and build to either an iOS phone via XCode or Android phone via Android Studio to play captAR.

Game setup:

  • Gather friends at a nearby park. We suggest 2-8 players, even numbers, and Battery Park, Bowling Green or Elevated Acre.
  • Login with Google or Facebook. The first to sign in should create a game. The rest should join their game.
  • Select your park and position yourselves on your team's side of the game field.

To Win:

  • Advance towards your team's flag on the opposite team's territory.
  • Get in the flag's geofence and hit the 'Capture' button to render captAR's AR split screen camera mode. Press on the camera view flag to capture it!
  • Return to your team's side with the flag. You should see the flag move with you on map view. Careful though--the opposite team can intercept the flag when near you, automatically returning the flag back to its place.

Demo and Process

Team CoPPeR Contributors

  • Jannine Chan
  • Anuj Pant
  • Jordan Park
  • Oscar Ramirez

Built at Fullstack Academy of Code, NYC, 1707-FSA-NY


Augmented Reality Geolocation Capture-the-Flag Mobile Game Capstone Project

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