An alternative utility to nodetool snapshot to export whole Apache Cassandra keyspace/table structure and data to Cassandra Query Language (CQL) scripts. CQL scripts is a lightweight,simple way to restore and backupAn .


  • simple and configurable, see usage for detail.
  • fast and highly scalable: Data is exported gradually, so memory usage is very low, e.g: for my keyspace with 1,5 million record took ~3m to generated.
  • export process is tracked with detail information.
  • CQL scripts is ready to import using SOURCE command.
  • tested with Cassandra > 2.1, 2.2, 3.0 and tick-tock releases.
  • require Java > 6., make sure Java is available in PATH variable.

Overcome nodetool snapshot caveats:

  • snapshot can only be restored when table schema is there --> cassandra-CQL-exporter support both DDL and DML backup.
  • snapshot can only run on a node, multiple node require parallel ssh to be setup --> cassandra-CQL-exporter dont need to care there is how many node.
  • snapshot is stored the node itself, cassandra-CQL-exporter back up is stored on the backup client itself --> more isolated backup environment.

Generated script contains 2 component:

  • DDL: include keyspace CREATE statement, all tables, indexs, materialized views, function, aggregate function, user defined type.
  • DML: INSERT statement for tables data.

Be careful that script will be forward-compatible but not guarantee to be backward-compatible especially DDL statements. It's better that export and import using same Cassandra version. I'm using this on a daily basis. But anyways, use this at YOUR OWN RISK!


usage: cql-export [--drop] [-f <file name>] [-fo] [-h <host>] [--help] [-k <keyspace>] [-l] [-m]
       [--noddl] [--nodml] [-p <password>] [-po <port>] [-s] [-t <table>] [--test] [--truncate] [-u
       <username>] [-v] [--secure]
    --drop                  add DROP KEYSPACE statement. BE CAREFUL! THIS WILL WIPED OUT ENTIRE
 -f,--file <file name>      exported file path. default to "<keyspace>.CQL" or
 -fo,--force                force overwrite of existing file
 -h,--host <host>           server host name or IP of database server, default is "localhost"
    --help                  print this help message
 -k,--keyspace <keyspace>   database keyspace to be exported. 
  or  <keyspace1,keyspace2> It allows to specify multiple keyspaces separated with comma. e.g. -k keyspace1,keyspace2
 -kf,--keyspacesFile        Allows to specify file which contains keyspaces you'd like to export, separated by new line                   
 -l,--license               Print this software license
 -m,--merge                 merge table data, insert will be generated with "IF NOT EXISTS"
    --noddl                 don't generate DDL statements (CREATE TABLE, INDEX, MATERIALIZED VIEW,
                            TYPE, TRIGGER, AGGREGATE), mutual exclusive with "nodml" option
    --nodml                 don't generate DML statements (INSERT), mutual exclusive with "noddl"
 -p,--pass <password>       database password
 -po,--port <port>          database server port, default is 9042
 -s,--separate              seperated export by tables
 -t,--table <table>         keyspace table to be exported
    --test                  Enable test mode. for development testing only
    --truncate              add TRUNCATE TABLE statement. BE CAREFUL!
 -u,--user <username>       database username
 -v,--verbose               print verbose message
    --secure                connect via SSL, 
                            must be added to JAVA_OPTS environment variable

##Sample usage

  1. Simplest usages; only keyspace needed with localhost server and default port

     $cql-export -k cycling
     Trying connect to host "localhost"
     Trying connect to port "9042" 
     Trying connect to keyspace "cycling"
     All good!
     Start exporting...
     Write DDL to C:\cql-generator\cycling.CQL
     Extract from cycling.cyclist_races
     Total number of record: 117920
     Start write "cyclist_teams" data DML to C:\cql-generator\cycling.CQL
     Done 5.00%
     Done 30.00%
     Done 90.00%
     Done exporting "cyclist_teams", total number of records exported: 117920
     Export completed after 21.179 s!
  2. Simple usage:

    $cql-export -h localhost-po 9043 -k cycling
  3. Generate only DDL statement

    $cql-export -h localhost-po 9043  -k keyspace_name -noddl


    TODO: optimized jar size.


    Apache 2.0 License

Using gradle



or (Windows:)


Build jar file

./gradlew jar

or (Windows:)

gradlew.bat jar

this places the jar file into the "dist" folder

Change log

version 1.1 with gradle script and possibility to specify multiple keyspaces to export contributed by matto3c

Cassandra Cql Exporter

A highly configurable utility to export whole Apache Cassandra keyspace or table structure/data to CQL scripts.

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