Catalina Dynamic Wallpaper

Simple, time-based, macOS style dynamic wallpaper that transitions between the dark and light versions of macOS Catalina's default wallpapers. It also sets the lock screen background to the same image as the desktop background for a consistent look. Designed to be used with KDEasyMc.



  • Clone the repo.

    git clone
    cd catalina-dynamic-wallpaper
  • Install.

    • ./install --kde or -k on KDE Plasma 5
    • ./install --dde or -d on DDE


You can control the wallpaper through control script. ~/bin/catalina [OPTIONS...]

-s, --start Start dynamic wallpaper.
-p, --stop Stop dynamic wallpaper.
-u, --uninstall Uninstall dynamic wallpaper. Removes all related files.
-h, --help Show this help.


  • On DDE, it only sets the desktop background. You need to set the lock screen background manually, for now.

Credits :blush:

Catalina Dynamic Wallpaper

macOS Catalina dynamic wallpaper for KDE Plasma 5 and DDE.

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